there's 3 women,a brown,a red,and a blonde.
they have all been captured and are getting ready to die.So the
people who has captured them have tied them up to a chair and
are getting ready to shoot them,the brown is first,being the
smartest,she has to come up with a plan really quick.The people
are getting ready to shoot her,
the people:ready,aim,
the brown:tornado,
so everybody runs for cover,ofcourse the brown gets away.
the next day,they are getting ready to shoot the red.She's got
the plan down,she'll do everything the brown did. They set her
down in the chair,tie her up.etc.,Now there getting ready to
shoot her.
The people:ready,aim,
The red:earthquake!!
everybody again,runs for cover and the red gets away.the next
day comes.Time for the blonde to die,she's got the plan down
pat.so they set her in the chair,etc.
the people:ready,aim,
the blonde:fire!
{that's how the blondes get there name.}