DC Comics Select Solicits and Covers for February 2017

DC Comics has given us an exclusive first look at some of the solicits for February 2017. Take a look at the covers and find out what's happening in these select titles. GREEN ARROW #17 Written by BENJAMIN PERCY • Art by OTTO SCHMIDT • Cover by JUAN FERREYRA • Variant cover by NEAL ADAMS “EMERALD OUTLAW” finale! The biggest GREEN ARROW epic since the start of the Rebirth era comes to a shattering conclusion when Oliver, Emiko and Black Canary unite against the deadly assassin terrorizing Seattle’s most prominent citizens. But [REDACTED] won’t go down without a fight—even if it takes all of Seattle with him. On sale FEBRUARY 15 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+ THE FLASH #16 Written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON • Art and cover by CARMINE DI GIANDOMENICO • Variant cover by DAVE JOHNSON “ROGUES RELOADED” part three! Dragged on a wild goose chase all over the world, The Flash tracks the Rogues to their next target: the people of Central City! But is even Barry Allen fast enough to solve five diabolical crimes at the same time? On sale FEBRUARY 8 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T CYBORG #9 Written by JOHN SEMPER JR. • Art by PAUL PELLETIER and TONY KORDOS • Cover by WILL CONRAD • Variant cover by CARLOS D’ANDA “ESCAPE FROM S.T.A.R. LABS”! Vic discovers the origin of the cybernetic foe impersonating his father, but he might not live long enough do anything about it if S.T.A.R. Labs’ deadly security forces get to him first! With his Cyborg technology crippled, Vic must rely on a down-and-out thief to escape one of the most heavily fortified facilities in the DCU. On sale FEBRUARY 1 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS #2 Written by TOM TAYLOR • Art by STEPHEN BYRNE • Cover by KARL KERSCHL Lost in another dimension, the Power Rangers must face a team unlike any they’ve ever encountered! In a world teeming with god-like heroes and villains as monstrous as Lord Zedd, it will take more than superpowers to survive. Can the Power Rangers work with the Justice League to find a way back home? Co-published with BOOM! Studios. On sale FEBRUARY 8 • 32 pg, FC, 2 of 6, $3.99 US • RATED T