The Worst-Reviewed Movies of 2016

2016 provided us with some incredible movies. We saw superheroes up against impossible odds, a woman trying to escape an underground bunker, and more Star Wars. However, not everything that came out was a homerun. Some movies were just straight-up hot garbage. Since there were so many movies this past year, you may have blocked out some of the bad ones, so here are the 20 worst-reviewed movies for 2016 in the order of "bad" to "my eyes are burning." All of the review scores for the movies come from our sister site, Metacritic . Independence Day: Resurgence Metacritic Score: 32 Taking place 20 years after the first invasion, the aliens of Independence Day are back, and they want revenge, sans Will Smith and with a whole lot more CGI. The only real redeeming thing about the ID4 sequel is seeing more landmarks get destroyed. GameSpot’s Luke Lancaster said, "It’s paying dutiful homage without embracing what made the original fun." The Disappointments Room Metacritic Score: 31 Kate Beckinsale stars in thriller as a new homeowner who discovers a secret room in her new house which threatens her sanity. Usually, when a trailer spends the majority of its time showing someone trying to open a locked door, you know the movie won't be great. Austin Chronicle’s Marc Savlov explained that "[T]he Disappointments Room lives (and dies) up to its name." Boo! A Madea Halloween Metacritic Score: 30 In Tyler Perry’s most recent film, Madea takes on ghosts, murderers, and zombies while trying to watch over some teens. Once again, Tyler Perry puts on the Madea costume and gets all wacky for an hour and a half. Many critics consider this to be the worst of the Madea films.’s Odie Henderson said that "The real problem isn’t that he's preaching to a built-in choir, it's that the choir too easily forgives cinematic trespasses like this." Ratchet & Clank Metacritic Score: 29 The well-known video game duo, Ratchet & Clank, head to the big screen in an adventure that has them fighting an evil alien who wants to destroy every planet in the galaxy. This film continues the trend of mediocre to terrible video game movies, which leave fans with a bad taste in their mouths. GameSpot’s Mike Mahardy said, " Ratchet and Clank pulls us across the galaxy at a breakneck pace, but never seems to take us anywhere." Fifty Shades of Black Metacritic Score: 28 The Wayans' parody 50 Shades of Grey . They're parodying a movie that is already hilarious in its own right. It's like adding barbecue sauce to barbecue flavored potato chips. Consequence of Sound’s Blake Goble said, "[H]ere’s a comedy that screams, stumbles, and startles, all in the name of working over a really long internet fan comment widely mistaken for a novel." London has Fallen Metacritic Score: 28 Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) returns, after saving the White House in Olympus Has Fallen , and this time, Banning has to stop a plot that involves assassinating all the world leaders. It's an action film that never really delivers anything exciting. The A.V. Club’s Ignatiy Vishnevetsky said, "Swedish director Babak Najafi has thrown together one of the worst action movies in recent memory, its signal achievement being a firefight that's presented in a single take, but which still manages to be incomprehensible." When The Bough Breaks Metacritic Score: 28 A young couple wants to have a baby but has no luck. They hire a surrogate who ends up becoming obsessed with the husband. It's a trope we've seen time and time again. If you're looking for a fresh take on this, check out Gone Girl and avoid everything else. Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times said, "There's not an ounce of suspense in any of this, because you've seen it all before, and the director, Jon Cassar, seems uninterested in veering from the well-established formula." The Darkness Metacritic Score: 27 A family goes on vacation to the Grand Canyon and brings back a supernatural force. It stars Kevin Bacon and the kid who played Bruce Wayne on Gotham . Maybe this film would have been better if Bacon convinced the ghosts to love again through the art of dance. Slant Magazine’s Chuck Bowen said, "[O]ne doesn't expect to encounter bright, proactive families in haunted-house thrillers, but The Darkness's protagonists still manage to distinguish themselves with their flabbergasting cluelessness." I.T. Metacritic Score: 27 Mike Regan’s I.T. consultant starts stalking Mike’s daughter. The consultant uses his knowledge of Regan’s smart house to terrorize the family. It's another stinker about obsession, and worse yet, Tim Curry is not dressed as a clown in this one. The Village Voice’s Sherilyn Connelly said, "[W]hatever cautionary point I.T. may be trying to make about privacy gets lost in the formulaic ugliness, and not even the constant stream of facepalm moments make it entertaining or watchable." Gods of Egypt Metacritic Score: 25 In ancient Egypt, a mortal goes on a journey to save the love of his life. Also, there are giant Egyptian gods running around during 127 minutes of green screen. Nothing about this film looks exciting, even the trailers feel bland , with way too much CG. San Francisco Chronicle's Mick LaSalle said, " Gods of Egypt is an epic — an epic disaster." Yoga Hosers Metacritic Score: 23 Two 15-year-old yoga fanatics go on a journey to take on Canadian Nazis, which are sausages, in this latest Kevin Smith film full of celebrity cameos, social media references, and incredibly bad Canadian accents. The Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore said, "Even fans who've stuck with Smith for two decades may draw the line at this outing." The Do-Over Metacritic Score: 22 Adam Sandler and David Spade star in this Netflix original about two guys who want to start over, so they fake their own deaths, take on new identities, and go off on an adventure. It's one part Central Intelligence and one part vacation for Sandler. Remember Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore ? The Do-Over will make you say, " What happened? " IndieWire's David Ehrlich said, "You have to respect the fact that this restless innovator [Sandler] is still finding new methods of making bad movies. For years, we've been asking Adam Sandler to try harder. We've been making a huge mistake." Max Steel Metacritic Score: 22 Following in the footsteps of Transformers and GI Joe, Max Steel is based on a toy line. A teenage boy finds he has the ability to harness the universe's most powerful energy. When he meets an alien, they learn that, together, they form Max Steel, a superhero. If this movie doesn't seem familiar to you, you're not the only one. Most of us completely missed this one. Christy Lemire from said, "A movie based on a toy should be a whole lot more fun than this." Search Party Metacritic Score: 22 Jason (T.J. Miller) puts an end to Nardo's (Thomas Middleditch) wedding after believing his buddy is making a mistake. The bride, Tracy (Shannon Woodward), heads to Baja for a solo honeymoon, and Nardo and Jason head off to find her. As much as you may love Miller and Middleditch on Silicon Valley , Search Party doesn't cut the cake. Gary Goldstein, from the LA Times , said, "[Scot Armstrong's] spectacularly dumb and unfunny film will likely bore even the staunchest fans of the 'Hangover' movies, of which 'Search' is a kind of distant, fatally impoverished cousin." Shut In Metacritic Score: 22 A widowed physiologist is caught in a winter storm in New England. During this, she must rescue a little boy. But how can she when she's SHUT IN? The movie stars Naomi Watts, and it feels like she lost a bet in order to "win" this role. The Observer's Rex Reed said, "We've seen it all before in dozens of low-budget slasher movies. This one just has a better cast--dismally wasted and left to seek better employment elsewhere." Norm of the North Metacritic Score: 21 In this animated comedy, a polar bear named Norm wants to stop a developer from building luxury condos in the Arctic, so he heads to New York City with his lemming friends to stop it. If you stopped reading at "polar bear" or "luxury condos," we don't blame you. Austin Chronicle's Marjorie Baumgarten said, "If your kids still insist on a bear fix, revisit 2015's Paddington , or check out the National Zoo's live online Panda Cam." Dirty Grandpa Metacritic Score: 18 Robert De Niro and Zac Efron team up as a grandfather and grandson, who are on an adventure to get the recently widowed grandfather back in the sack with someone, anyone. It's an over-sexed comedy that relies on shock-value to get its laughs, the majority of the time. Stephen Whitty, from the NY Daily News , said, "The cast looks like sad refugees from a cancelled sketch-comedy series." Mother’s Day Metacritic Score: 18 Director Garry Marshall released his final film this year, before passing in July. Mother's Day is a star-studded film following multiple storylines that all revolve around being a mother or Mother's Day. Richard Roeper, from the Chicago Sun-Times said, "Nothing could have prepared us for the offensively stupid, shamelessly manipulative, ridiculously predictable, and hopelessly dated crapfest that is Mother's Day." Cabin Fever Metacritic Score: 14 Did you know that Eli Roth's 2002 horror film, Cabin Fever , was remade this year? Neither did we! Like the original, a group of teens head to a cabin in the woods on spring break, and a flesh-eating virus kills them all. Was there not enough gore for you in the original? Well, the remake ups the ante, while not straying from the original at all. Geoff Berkshire of Variety said, "Similarly, by making the deliberate choice to do nothing to distinguish his work from Roth’s, director [Travis] Z stokes little confidence in his future projects. Especially if his next film is a remake of 'Hostel.'" Nine Lives Metacritic Score: 11 Finally, the worst-rated film of 2016 is Nine Lives . Kevin Spacey plays a billionaire who is a workaholic. Because of this, he's neglected his family. A mystical pet store owner (Christopher Walken) turns Spacey's character into a cat, and now, cat-Spacey has to reconnect with his family. We're assuming this movie is filled with tons of puns. We know for sure it has a ton of terrible CGI . Peter Travers from Rolling Stone said it was "a crass attempt to turn the national jones for cat videos into box-office gold. But at 87 torturous, laugh-free minutes, the film could change the most avid cat fancier into a kitty hater."