Saffron Drift Light: A semi-smart bulb with limited appeal

Saffron’s Drift Light isn’t a smart bulb. Rather, it’s part of a small but growing category of bulbs which aren’t quite dumb.
As with the Philips SceneSwitch , there are no apps in order to install to control the Drift Light. Rather, you set the mode you want by quickly turning the bulb off and on again. Turn it on once and it’s set for “Daylight”—an indefinite, sustained glow that lasts until you switch it off. Turn it off and back on again within two seconds and you’ve got “Midnight,” which dims from full strength to off over the course of 37 minutes. Flip it off and on again within another two seconds and you have “Moonlight,” which dims from full strength to a low, nightlight level over those 37 minutes. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here